artist statement and bio



My work uses aesthetically pleasing and seemingly familiar images to lure the viewer into a worded message that reveals a personal truth about a cultural condition or dynamic. The text is most often wittily pointed. As a student of international psychology, I explore perpetuated cultural traditions and conditions as they relate to those who are most negatively affected by them; the disabled, certain minorities, classes, and races as well as children who are ignorant of their eventual and inevitable entanglement in them.
My process have evolved from simple photography to meta art with the gradual addition of multiple mediums including printmaking, painting, wood working, and elements of sculpture. It as an exploration of different combinations of artistic processes with the aid of academia, image familiarity, and engineered verbiage to create a tool to a personal social or cultural revelation.


David Stassi has been making art professionally since 2004. He has a Masters in International Psychology and uses these themes in his work. He has expanded his discipline from photograpy to a mixture of elements of many mediums including digital imagery, printmaking, wood working, ceramics and sculpture. He is a native of New Orleans where he currently resides and is a student of the local culture and it's evolution from its previous state when he was a young boy growing up there. He has lived in California and Colorado and continues to draw from these landscapes and experiences for inspiration, futher education and a more developed understanding of human behaviors and interactions.